Vestibule Finished and Blessed - 03/17/13

After many months of construction our new vestibule is finished and blessed.  Thank God and all that put much labor and money toward this project.

Father Joseph blesses a new classroom
Parishioners gather inside the new vestibule, Cheesefare Sunday
St. John's Parish Council and Board of Trustees
Metropolitan Theodosius, ProtoDeacon John Oleynik, Deacon Theodosius Onest, V. Rev. Joesph Oleynik and altar servers
Building Committee
St. John's Executive Board
Special "Naming" Donors: Mrs. Shirley Brookman/Office, Mrs. Helen Lazorchak/Front Doors, Mr. & Mrs. John Petronka/Chandelier, Dr. & Mrs. John Chupinsky/Library, Mr. & Mrs. Kiprian Yarosh/Ramp
Finance Committee
Father Joseph cuts the ribbon on Sunday, March 17, 2013
A crisp March 17th top o' the morning!
Matushka Annice looks on with parishioners
Parishioners gather on the new front steps
Let us attend
Lord have mercy
"Salvation has come to this house"
Father Joe blesses the front doors
A Blessing Service
Matushka Barbara Oleynik and family
Parishioners entering for Divine Lirutgy
Junior "O" Club members distributing Lenten Prayer Pals
Picking Lenten Prayer Pals
Our new entry chandelier
Parish President, Kiprian Yarosh; Vice President, David Stockman and altar servers