Pentecost - 06/19/09

The Canonsburg “O” Club sponsored a fundraising event, a boxed luncheon, on Pentecost this year.  Green silk leis were distributed to parishioners as they entered church for “Green Sunday”.   Following Liturgy, a picnic-box lunch with hot dogs and hamburgers, chips, baked beans and brownies.  Our two “Grill-Masters” were “O” Club member Bob Schenken and parish President, Kip Yarosh.   Parishioners enjoyed their lunches on the church lawn, either at tables or on the lawn on blankets.  It was a bright, sunny day with the church beautifully decorated with green leaves everywhere.   Fellowship was enjoyed by all.  A gift basket was raffled off and was won by one of our Sunday School  teachers, Marcie Killmeyer.  Members of the “O” Club donated the food, which gave as a good profit.  All members helped make this event a success, under the supervision of co-chairs Kyra Schenken and Mat. Myra Oleynik.  Thanks go out to all of the parishioners who supported this event.