Pocket Flag Project - 03/18/07

The pocket flag project was conceived in Oct.2001 for the sole purpose of
getting as many American flags into the pockets of military personnel serving on
the front lines. You purchased pre-cut American flags from the P.F.Foundation,
and fold them into a triangle flag that fits into a shirt pocket. We put them
into a clear 3x2 plastic bag with a card that says, "A flag for your pocket so
you can always carry a little piec e of home. We are praying for you and are
proud of you. Thank you for defending our country and our freedom."

We had a nice turnout -- about 42 parishioners including the kids, their
parents, grandparents, friends, and veterans who came and folded our 300
American Flags in about an hour. We're sending the flags to three different units of troops serving in
Iraq.: 165 & 30 flags going to (2) army units AG CO and TC CO in Iraq; the remaining
100 flags are going to wounded soldiers in 13th SC(E) recovering in a hospital
in Iraq. Hopefully, they will brighten someone's day.