St. John the Baptist Orthodox Church
Archdiocese of Western Pennsylvania
Orthodox Church in America
Zack Strennen Earns Alpha Omega Award

Zack Strennen Earns Alpha Omega Award - 12/29/13

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Christmas Celebrations

Christmas Celebrations - 12/24/13

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Christmas Caroling 2013

Christmas Caroling 2013 - 12/22/13

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Christmas Yolka 2013

Christmas Yolka 2013 - 12/22/13

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Holy Supper

Holy Supper - 12/15/13

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Choir Sings in Canonsburg "Old Time Christmas" Event

"Old Time Christmas" in Canonsburg - 12/07/13

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Christmas Baking

Christmas Baking - 12/04/13

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Toy Sale

Toy Sale - 11/29/13

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Annual Basket Extravaganza 2013

Annual Basket Extravaganza - 11/09/13

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Camp Agape

Camp Agape - 10/25/13

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Church School Stocking Project-Spaghetti Dinner

Spaghetti Dinner for Church School Stocking Project - 10/27/13

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Pancake Breakfast and Come and See

All you Can Eat Pancake Breakfast & Open House - 10/12/13

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Cathedral Choir 50th Anniversary Concert
2013-14 Church School Year Begins

2013-14 Church School Year Begins - 09/08/13

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2013 JT Telesko Golf Outing

2013 Golf Outing - 09/07/13

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St. John Annual Blood Drive

St. John Annual Blood Drive - 08/31/13

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Parish Picnic 2013

Parish Picnic 2013 - 08/25/13

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Jr's Having Fun at Wave Pool

Jr's Having Fun at Wave Pool - 08/23/13

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Dormition 2013

Dormition 2013 - 08/15/13

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Jr FOCA Carwash

Jr's Carwash - 08/11/13

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Church School Student/Adults Help Nuns

Help given at Holy Transfiguation Monastery - 08/02/13

Several church school students and adults, organized by Mr. John Thompson, helped the nuns at Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Ellwood City, PA prepare for their upcoming feast day.  It was a day of rewarding work.  Thanks to everyone!

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July 4th Canonsburg Parade

July 4th Canonsburg Parade - 07/04/13

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Vacation Bible School 2013

Vacation Bible School 2013 - 06/25/13

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High School Graduates Honored

Luis Thompson and David Schenken with Fr. Joe. - 06/09/13

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Services and Banquet

Services and Banquet - 05/19/13

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Hoop Dee Doo Saturday Sunday Games

Hoop Dee Doo Saturday Sunday Games - 05/18/13

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Hoop Dee Doo Friday Evening

Hoop Dee Doo Friday - 05/17/13

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Bright Monday

Bright Monday - 05/06/13

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PASCHA - 05/05/13

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Great and Holy Saturday

Great and Holy Saturday - 05/04/13

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Great and Holy Friday

Great and Holy Friday - 05/03/13

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Great and Holy Thursday

Great and Holy Thursday - 05/02/13

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Palm Sunday 2013

Palm Sunday 2013 - 04/28/13

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Jr.'s Clean Up

Jr's Clean Up - 04/21/13

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Bishop Melchisedek visits Canonsburg--April 21

Bishop Melchisedek visits Canonsburg - 04/21/13

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Pittsburgh Deanery Mission Service

Pittsburgh Deanery Mission Servive-April 14, 2013 - 04/14/13

St. John the Baptist Church hosts the Pittsburgh Deanery.

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Jr.'s Prepare Prayer Pal Gifts

Jr's Prepare Prayer Pal Gifts - 04/07/13

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Vestibule Finished and Blessed!

Vestibule Finished and Blessed - 03/17/13

After many months of construction our new vestibule is finished and blessed.  Thank God and all that put much labor and money toward this project.

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Ladies 2013 Spring Baking

Spring Baking - 03/13/13

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Feast of the Lord into the Temple

- 02/02/13

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Cereal Breakfast

- 01/19/13

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Theophany 2013

- 01/06/13

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FOCA Souper Bowl Coffee Hour 2013

Souper Bowl - 02/03/13

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FOCA Bowling

FOCA Bowling - 02/17/13

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Meatfare Dinner 2013

Meatfare Dinner - 03/10/13

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2012 Photos Archived

This past year's (2012) church activities are now archived (and earlier).  You may use the column on the left or click "here" to access the photos.

601 Boone Ave. Canonsburg, PA 15317 – Phone: 724-745-8216 (Rectory)– Email:
Rector, Fr. John Joseph Kotalik – Phone: 425-503-2891 – Email:
Saturday Vespers: 6:00 PM – Sunday Divine Liturgy: 9:30 AM – Weekday Evening Services: 6:30 PM – Weekday Divine Liturgy: 9:00 AM
Services in English – Ample Parking & Handicap Access

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Parish Life Amid COVID-19
As of March, the parishes of our archdiocese have been blessed to return to normal liturgical and social life as each parish has seen fit, and at our June parish council meeting we resolved to finally make this move for our parish.  What does this mean?
  • Masks are now optional; those who wish to continue wearing them are welcome to do so, and will receive the full support of the parish in this personal choice.
  • Regular veneration of icons and the Cross at the end of services will resume; those who wish to refrain out of caution are welcome not to venerate icons, and should simply bow their head and receive a blessing with the Cross as we have been doing
  • Normal use of the communion cloths will resume; paper towels will still be available for those who wish to continue to use them as we have been doing.
  • Kissing the chalice at Holy Communion will now resume; Fr. John and the deacons will hold up the chalice for veneration, but feel free to refrain if uncomfortable.
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